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22 December, 2012

Nothing like going into one’s busiest week of the year having just had an appendectomy!

December 2nd found me at the hospital and undergoing my first surgical procedure ever. Just in time for my 40th birthday on the 4th, too!

After about 4 days of rest I had to get up and make and prepare for three photo-booths coming up in the following week. I managed to survive them – hiring a friend to help me with loading and lifting (Thanks, Jonathan!!) Now I’m still with head cold after all the exhaustion. (Yay! Happy Holidays!) (Smell that? It’s sarcasm.)

The first booth on Wednesday the 12th was for ADIDAS’s style department. I made some big snowflakes and backed it up with a glittery dark blue background. I managed to find a star-filter for my camera to get a cheesy retro look, but the glitter and sparkles weren’t enough to lend to the effect, so I’ll have to try it with a set-up with christmas lights in it later.

The following Friday had me at Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ new headquarters for their Country Christmas party.

I got my own spacious room for the photo-booth for the first time ever. Loved that!

Saturday found me at the Left Bank Annex event space for GENENTECH HTO’s circus-themed holiday event.

I was already exhausted by that time and the sore-throat and fever was beginning, but there’s no calling in sick in my line of work,

so I trudged on, looking forward to when I could finally rest for the holidays. Feeling like crap didn’t stop me from hamming it up for my camera, though: