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OBT fab egg 1

For Oregon Ballet Theater’s annual fundraising gala on February 4, 2017,

Vibrant Table commissioned me to construct a stage/podium piece for the center of the

grand ballroom at the art museum. The theme was Bolshoi Ballet, and they hatched an idea for a

Fabergé Egg concept. I came close, but going %50 over budget (and into my pocket) and running out

of time toward the end, I wasn’t able to finish the design with as many white criss-cross pieces as I

would have liked, but it still came out pretty fabulous.

I would have liked to have gotten better pictures of the finished project, but when getting it

loaded in and hung and all with no time to spare, all I could do was go home and crash and sleep.

Until having to go back in late that night to break it down and get it out of there!

OBT fab egg 2 700