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CONTACT – jason@jasonkinney.net

I am a photographer and creative based in Portland, Oregon.

I mostly enjoy taking portraits and printing silk scarves.

I can also be found doing the odd-job of painting a house or helping install or un-install a gallery show.

Please give me work or hire me. Rents are only going up.

I’ve been into photography and art history since I was a wee lad.

My two biggest heroes are Sir Edward Burne-Jones and Alexander McQueen,

two British gentlemen who tried to make the world a lovelier place with

their manifestations of beauty, soul, and the romantic, the light and the dark.

If this website is not enough, more of my shenanigans can be found via the following links…



Beard, Briar & Rose  tumblr (inspirational image blog)

instagram: pimpernel49

Places I’ve worked or been involved with; some clients I’ve had :

The Gap (visual merchandising), Mike Carroll Photography, Belk Store Services, MikWright greeting card company,

Little Italy Peninsula Art Center, Roger Ball Photography, BAKER Furniture/Antoine Bootz Photography,

Bechtler Art Foundation,The Portland Mercury newspaper, PLAZM Design, NIKE, Stumptown Coffee

Roasters, The NINES/Paige Powell Productions, <bmm (Italian magazine),

ACE Hotel, Laughing Planet Cafe, Wieden+Kennedy,

Blue Sky photography gallery, UPFOR gallery